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Welcome back, John Doe

Anna & Gabbie sing you 'twinkle twinkle'

0:37 Sat 10/01/22 12:05pm PDT view LARGER

Amy shows u her new whale

0:54 Sat 10/01/22 17:27pm PDT view LARGER

Giants games not the same - Dave

0:36 Fri 09/30/22 07:18am PDT view LARGER

Sara had to say Hi, too! Miss ya. Nancy

0:27 Fri 09/30/22 12:05pm PDT view LARGER

Tomas here in Japan again

0:32 Thu 09/29/22 02:18am PDT view LARGER

Will Cranston, camping etc

1:01 Thu 09/29/22 09:56am PDT view LARGER

Still enjoying your steak-n-thyme recipe! - Bill

0:38 Thu 09/29/22 14:05pm PDT view LARGER

Jerry Alvarez, still in Manila

0:39 Thu 09/29/22 19:07pm PDT view LARGER